Why You Should Definitely Plan To Visit Bhutan This Year

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Despite being a compact nation, overshadowed by bigger nations like India and China, Bhutan is an extraordinarily beautiful and peaceful country which is all modern in it’s ways but always has one foot rooted deeply into its traditions. The charms of this isolated Himalayan Kingdom are knitted strong within its cultural empires. Plus, it is one of the most quiet, clean and tranquil countries in the South-Asia region.

Here are 8 most amazing reasons to visit Bhutan which would force you to find time, plan your vacation and book tickets right now!

1. Explore nature at its best!

There’s a certain kind of peace in Bhutan’s air because of the heavenly flora and fauna that is home to this country. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that Bhutan is blessed when it comes to beauty of nature. The innumerable water bodies, lush green forests, picturesque beauty makes this place paradise for the residents and tourists alike. Moreover, residents of the country make sure they do everything in order to protect and preserve the “natural” beauty of this place!

2. Richness in history and education

This country has high historical and educational significance as its roots date back to the time when Tibetan Buddhism was first introduced. Therefore, people of Bhutan follow Buddhism as their primary religion. You can easily find historical monuments constructed in Tibetan style. You will be pleasured to visit these numerous classical centres of education.

3. Classic weather

You may visit Bhutan any time of the year and the weather stays modular since the country has temperate climate. Spring is considered to be the most pleasant and beautiful time to witness the valleys that are filled with fresh green vegetation and the fruit trees that begin to blossom! If you want to witness the grand view of mighty mountains then Autumn is the perfect time, whereas if you’re looking to enjoy a little snow, then make sure you are visiting in Winters.

4. All kinds of adventures

You can’t visit Bhutan and miss the glorious trekking. After all, what fun is it to praise the mountain view from a distance. You should rather explore the landscapes closely.

We bet it will be a lifetime experience for you and for all the adventure junkies out there, you wouldn’t be disappointed.

5. Savoury cuisines

Bhutanese cuisine is extremely rich in spices. That’s one of the most distinctive characteristics of the food offered here as chillies are an essential part of almost each and every dish. Their most popular dish is the Tibetan style dumplings/momos’s stuffed with pork, beef or cabbage and cheese!

6. Culture and festivals

Bhutanese know how to preserve their culture and celebrate their festivals with utmost zeal! They have a wide variety of religious festivals which they rejoice with elaborated-colourful revelries. In fact, each and every village is famous for a distinctive festival. The most popular festival which is celebrated annually without fail is Tshechu. People celebrate by exchanging and sharing their meals of red rice, spicy pork, and Ema along with drinking the aromatic traditional rice wine, known as Ara. If you wish to witness the high-spirited and lively Bhutanese environment, then you must plan your trip around the festive season.

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You’ll find the happiest people in Bhutan. After all, their philosophy of Gross National Happiness has actually been recognized and acknowledged at the International level. Their emphasis is both on prosperity as well as happiness, though people over there care more about being happy. How beautiful is that?

8. Street market

Even the shopping lovers would be disappointed in Bhutan. You’ll easily find heaps of colourful clothing like shawls, sweaters and coats in their markets. And you will love how all the saleswomen will make sure you find and buy the right product and will whole-heartedly help you choose what’ll look best on you. In the main street of Thimpu, you’ll find a Handicraft Emporium from where you can buy variety of hand-woven goods and handicrafts. You can even get your own Silver and Gold elements customized and crafted the in the markets of Bhutan.

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