Best Cities To Consider For Your Stop-Over To Your Next Destination

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Whoever said that it is ‘sometimes the journey that is far more enjoyable than the destination’ might have referred to the fun experience of taking a long layover in an ideal city while on their journey to their vacation destination. Having a long stop-over along the way to an international destination need not always have to be boring and tiring. One can certainly have a good time while making a stop in their layover city. Here is a list of some of the finest cities to spend good hours during your layover:

1.       Amsterdam – This is one of the best cities to spend your long layover on your way to your destination. Since it is both easily connected to airport and also to the city center, travelers with as less as even four hours of layover can grab the chance to explore the entertainment and natural sightseeing attractions of the city. Travelers with overnight layovers can get out and explore the city till the wee hours of morning and come back to the airport to catch their flight to their desired destination as the city stays active till late. Travelers can also catch up on sleep inside the airport only with basic amenities provided in the capsule kind of hotel present right inside the airport.

2.       Singapore – Travelers with short layovers need not even have to leave the Singapore airport as it provides them with incredible range of entertainment option right within the airport. For those with longer layovers can take the city highlights tours operated for visitors on short-time schedule. Big sights such as the Marina Bay and Gardens by The Bay can be explored with longer layovers. There is a slide and also playground, Movie Theater and an arcade for visitors inside the airport for their entertainment and relaxation.

3.       Frankfurt – It is certainly one of Europe’s most exciting and fun stopovers. You can check in any of the hotels near the airport terminal and leave your bags there to explore all the interesting attractions of the city. Take a walk along the Rhine River or capture the sights of the old historic center within a few hours of your stop-over.

4.       London – It is a major stopover of most flights to other European cities and also a fun stop-over. The Heathrow airport is well connected to city’s other major points through the Express train. You can board a train to Paddington and fro there take a standard tube to any part of the city. Catch the major sights such as Tower of London, Big Ben and museums with a long layover.

5.       Beijing – Hordes of travelers are making a stop-over at Beijing airport in China to make the most of their 72-hour visa policy offered to foreigners to explore the city on their long layover. Explore the city’s popular sites such as the Imperial Gardens, Forbidden City and the Tiananmen Square if you have more than a day’s layover.

Make the most of your stop-over by turning your short stay as a mini vacation rather than staying holed up in the airport. Sometimes it is also easier on your wallet to make separate bookings for each leg of your journey to get long layovers. If you are lucky, you can also get to explore a city and stay overnight on your way to your destination without spending extra bucks on it.

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