Best European honeymoon destinations that will give you an experience like never before

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Honeymoon is a time for newlyweds to relax, unwind and enjoy the days of marital bliss together in some of the most beautiful locations. Every couple plans to have a splendid honeymoon and Europe is one of the most preferred locations. European cities offer spectacular landscapes, mind blowing architecture, cultural diversity and mouth-watering cuisines. From Paris to Venice, and from the Greek islands to the Swiss Alps, Europe is an amalgamation of many exotic places that will offer you an experience like never before.

Paris – The City of Love

Paris, the capital of France is known for its iconic medieval architecture. Newlyweds can enjoy a memorable night out in Paris by visiting to the famous Eiffel Tower and taking a Seine River cruise which is one of the most romantic things to do.

Must to do in Paris-

1.     Capture the beauty of the Eiffel Tower

2.     Visit the Louvre and the Notre Dame

3.     Visit the catacombs

4.     Take a stroll in the local streets of Paris

Spain – A little spice and a lot of romance

Madrid and Barcelona are the most beautiful cities of Spain. Apart from the bustling cities and a lively night life you can also enjoy the street food that is not just cheap but is a treat to the taste buds.

Must to do in Spain

1.     Experience the Madrid’s electrifying scenario in La Latina and attend the three kings parade in Barcelona.

2.     Get amazed at the magic fountain show with your partner and take a romantic stroll down Las Ramblas.

3.     Take romantic strolls in the beautiful city

4.     Visit Real Basilica de San Francisco el Grande in Madrid

Vienna, Austria – A serenade

Right from its name to its castles and lakes, everything about Austria is more or less a beautiful serenade. And its capital Vienna has to be on your list.

Must dos in Vienna

1.     Go for a romantic candlelit dinner in the Giant Ferris Wheel which offers magnificent view of the entire city.

2.     Take a stroll in the historic city streets

3.     You may also take a hop on hop off bus that will help you visit all the important sights in the cities of Vienna.

Prague, Czech Republic – The sophisticated laid-back city

The capital and the largest city in the Czech Republic, Prague displays the historic scene of Bohemia with a mix of modern vibes that builds the perfect ambiance for honeymooners to have a great time.


Must dos in Prague:

1.     Explore the biggest ancient castle in the world, the Prague Castle with your better half

2.     Take a romantic stroll on the Charles Bridge with your partner

3.     Relish the lip smacking street food

4.     Take a romantic drive in a vintage car at the streets of Prague

5.     Watch the oldest astronomical clock in the world at the Old Town Square

Finland – Honeymoon wonderland

Finland is another perfect honeymoon destination in Europe– just a little more charming than your dreams! Thick bed of snow and spectacular northern lights (Aurora Borealis) are reason enough for Finland to make it a fairy-tale experience for all the honeymooners !!!

Must dos in Finland:

1.     Experience the intriguing phenomenon-Kaamos, when the Sun doesn’t rise above the horizon for a month and there’s just a few hours of twilight during noon.

2.     Visit the Santa Claus Village

3.     Take a hop on hop off bus to visit all the important and famous sights of Finland

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