Five Reasons why Iceland should be in your Bucket List

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Iceland, a land of fire and ice, a stark contrast offers some mind boggling natural wonders and no travel bucket list is complete without a visit to this remote island nation. Whether you are looking to be inspired and get awestruck by the sheer grandeur of this place or even wondering where to find an unconventional getaway to rejuvenate your mind, body and soul…Here are top 5 reasons for why should definitely plan a visit to Iceland atleast once In your lifetime-

1. Otherworldly picturesque sceneries

As soon as you land in the country you are surely to fall in love and get mesmerized by the sweet cold winds and some breathtaking views which surround you. You will feel as if you are not on earth anymore!!

The country having an alien planet like terrain and hypnotizing landscapes has been a favorite location for shooting the popular series of Game of Thrones. Not only this, the highlands of the country also served as a training spot for the crew of first Apollo mission to moon so as to familiarize themselves to similar geographical structures.

A six day tour travelling along the Iceland’s “Ring Road” will not only make you see the sheer awesomeness of the country but also cover most of the country’s hotspots.

2. The Northern Lights

This beautiful phenomenon is a magnificent sight to watch. It’s one of the major reasons why tourists from all over the world flock to Iceland to witness this colorful symphony of solar rays and ion particles in the sky. These lights have been surrounded by many myths from countless cultures of the world. Chinese believe that it’s the fiery breath of a dragon. Soldiers of medieval Europe believed that the red and green lights in the sky signified the outbreak of the war. Regardless of what you believe, you will surely get Goosebumps once you witness this sight for yourself .

The best time to watch this is before midnight and you need to get away from the city as far as possible to witness the majestic view. Camping along the roadside while watching the Northern lights with your loved ones is one memory to hold and share!!

3. The Blue Lagoon

Easily qualifies as the most popular destinations in Iceland. The geo-thermal spring serves the best place for rejuvenating your body and mind.

The mineral rich spring in conjunction with the steady warm water allows you to relax and heal your body to its core giving you a feeling of a brand new “you” while you enjoy the scenic views.

4. Waterfalls Everywhere you go

Iceland is the unofficial winner when it comes to waterfalls. Some even completely freeze during the winter months. If you only have the time to see a few then put Skogafoss Falls and Gullfoss Falls at the top of your list.

Gullfoss waterfall is one of the largest waterfalls in Europe by its sheer water volume. It flows in two steps and you need to take multiple views from different angles to actually capture the awe-inspiring beauty to this Nature’s masterpiece.

Another honorable mention is Seljalandsfoss Falls. Ever imagined the view standing not in front but behind the waterfall? Well, do visit Seljalandsfoss and go behind it to see the once in a lifetime view.

5. Experience the Vibrant and Rich Icelandic culture

It’s not only one of the most beautiful countries in Europe but also tends to be a hotspot of arts and culture with many of their most popular festivals and special events being held in and around the capital city of Reyjavik.

Visit the Harper concert hall which is modeled after the basalt landscape of Iceland and enjoy the impressive live performances from the country’s best performers. You might not think it but Iceland is also a major player in the music festival game. Enjoy diverse sounds that will delight your ears by attending the airwaves music festivals, Reyjavik dance festivals and more.

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