Must-visit cities in Europe for that Amazing Holiday

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A travel plan to Europe is sure to leave you completely mesmerized given the diverse range of landscapes, abundance of historic places, castles, charming cities, rustic towns and villages that It features within it. There are so many photogenic places in this continent that you would be confused as to which to feature in your bucket-list and which ones to leave out on your travel. Almost all of them promise to offer some unique experiences with their captivating sights and sounds. However, including all of the cities is not possible on your Europe trip. So here goes a list of some of the must-visit places that you cannot miss out on during your Europe travel.

Prague: the old-world charm of this place originates from the presence of beautiful castles built in Gothic, Renaissance style and also some wonderful Baroque buildings existing alongside marvelous modern architecture. Explore the city on foot or red trams and capture sights of River Vltava and bridges.

Venice: This magical city is famous for its Grand Canals, stunning architecture and alleyways. Go for Gondola rides, or get lost while exploring the city through the alleyways or visit the old churches while also taking in pictures at popular sites like Rialto Bridge, San Marco Square, and the Bridge of Sighs- there is always a lot to do in this delightful city of Europe.

Florence: Include the fabulous city of Tuscany in your Europe itinerary if you would not want to regret missing a trip to beautiful landmarks of the continent. The abundance of old churches, museums with interesting artifacts, historic buildings can turn your trip into a fascinating vacation. Do not forget to take a trip to the UNESCO World Heritage Site – Historic Centre of Florence once you are there.

Belgium: It is not just chocolates and waffles for which Belgium is famous for but the monasteries, beautiful facades, cobbled streets makes this European city looks like a postcard picture straight out of fairytale. A boat ride through the picturesque canals and a sightseeing day at Bruges near Brussels is sure to make you want to come here again the next time.

Switzerland: This mountainous Central European country is known for its enchanting beauty. The lakes, medieval chapel, it numerous lakes and Alpine peaks lend it a charm like no other. Hiking on the Swiss Alps would turn out to be a thrilling experience. You can also go for skiing holidays in the Alps. Try out the finest eateries, chocolates and wines when in Zurich. Beauty of this European country is sure to leave you spellbound.

Amsterdam: It is a tourist Mecca, famous for its canals, architecture and streets. Do not miss out on a visit to this fascinating place when planning your Europe trip.

From Spain to Denmark to London, Paris, Italy, Croatia, Slovenia, Portugal, Russia, Germany, Turkey and Austria -the list of cities that should feature in your bucket list of Europe trip is quite endless. Get ready to have a magical experience visiting European cities that look straight out of a fairytale book.

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