Everything you need to do in Madikeri- a beautiful hillstation in Coorg

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Not many are aware of this beautiful town called Madikeri which is a gorgeous place nestled in the heart of Southern India’s most famous hill station- Coorg. The place offers some of the most beautiful scenic views and also some of the most spectacular sites which are sure to leave you in awe. It is easily accessible through road, air and train routes and makes for the perfect holiday destination.

Here are a few places that you must check out when in Madikeri-

Raja’s Seat– To relax and rest like the kings used to, head to the king’s garden atop the hill that overlooks mountains and impenetrable covers. Once used for the leisure of the kings, now it makes for a perfect sunrise and sunset point with breathtaking views.

Abbey Falls- If you ever find yourself in Madikeri, you must take a trip to the popular 70ft perpetual waterfall commonly known as the Abbey falls. A fun trek along various plantations to the falls adds even more spice to the adventure, literally.

Dubare Elephant Camp- Madikeri elephant camp is home to more than a hundred elephants who are specially trained for several ventures such as the famous Dussehra festival and can be visited in the training center. You can have a good time playing with baby elephants here.

Omkareshwara Temple- The 1820 temple enriched with Islamic and Medieval structures was built for Lord Shiva and has much freshwater aquatic life which makes the already beautiful place of worship even more serene. It is best to visit the temple during October to March. It is closed from noon to 5 pm every day.

Chingara falls- For those who enjoy nature and a good treat, Chingara falls are a delight. They are a unique temptation nested amongst coffee plantations and sultry woods. Gushing waterfalls from a height of 60 ft and though absolutely breathtaking, they should be explored carefully.

The golden temple monastery- A peaceful environment envelops the Namdroling monastery that houses an 18 ft tall gold layered Buddha statue. Tourists are welcome here to meditate and absorb the serenity.

Madikeri Fort- A favorite tourist attraction, the 17th-century fort that held meetings for famous rulers like Tipu Sultan and Muddu Raja. Not only is the fantastic European architecture absolutely engaging, but also the secret passages which add more to the charm of the fort. The in-house museum used to be a section of a chapel built by the British. All in all, the fort makes for a must visit for its endearing history.

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