Here’s your guide to experience the best of Spain

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Spain has grown as one of the most tourist-oriented countries in the world. It is also known as ‘The Land of the siesta’ as day to day life in Spain moves at a very slow pace. The locals here believe that one should just enjoy life to the fullest and indulge in good food which is why Spain has a very fun and laid back life. Spain is an enticing, exotic, and magnetic country with a lot of regional singularity and variety.

Barcelona and Madrid are hip and energetic cities whereas other cities like Basque Country up north contrast itself to the southern living and Granada has a Moorish essence.

The Spaniards love tourists, hosting strangers, drinking good wine, laughing together, having a good meal and enjoying life in all. It is a fiery blazing, romantic place filled with love, this country will stay with you forever.

So here’s how you can enjoy the best of Spain

1. Bask in the glory of Barcelona:

Once in Barecelona one should always visit the fabulous and still unfinished church of La Sagrada Familia which was designed by Antoni Gaudi and the Magic Fountain show which is a must see attraction. The famous Picasso Museum is also Barcelona’s most attractive tourist destination. Spain is a dream destination for foodies and the capital city has all sorts of local delicacies to delve into. The city is also known for its vibrant night life, late-night eateries, and for its historic streets.

2. Explore the history of Granada:

This famously known ancient Moorish city is one of the must visits in Spain. If you are a history buff then you would love to wander in the ancient streets of Granada and relaxing in the old palace, the Alhambra. A trip without going to southern Spain is incomplete without a visit here.

3. Explore Madrid

The capital city of Spain is famous for its museums, tapas, and for its lively night life. It is a city that doesn’t start until midnight. Make sure to visit the Prado, one of the largest museums in the world, and the Royal Palace of course. Also, spend some quality time strolling through the main square, Plaza Mayor also the Madrid skyline which is one of the most attractive place in Spain. ‘Devour Madrid’ is a small community of food lovers who call Spain their home and are very passionate about sharing their country’s spectacular food and have fascinating stories to tell about their tapas tours, food, and wine experiences.

4. Tomatina festival

Tomatina is a festival which generally takes place in August in Buñol, thousands of people descend on this small town in the morning to throw tons and tons of squeezed tomatoes at each other just as holi is celebrated in India. The festival is quite messy but it is a lot of fun. Tickets for the festival cost almost 10 EUR and it is an experience to be cherished for the lifetime.

5. Running of the Bulls

If you are the adventures type then this ‘The Running of the Bulls’ or ‘Encierro’, you just can’t afford to give it a miss. It gives you the most amazing adrenaline rush. The event takes place in the morning of the second day of the San Fermín Festival which takes place in the month of July.

6. And yes the Canary Islands of course

Spain has some of the most beautiful islands in all of the Europe whether you go to Ibiza to party or to the Canaries to relax. That’s why, during the months of July and August, the resorts and hotels in these islands are fully booked and are also expensive, so avoiding peak season is a good option. If one loves beaches, surfing, hiking, or cycling -then be sure to hit up the islands (especially Gran Canaria).

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