How to manage your passion of traveling the world when you have a full-time job

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Most of us love traveling and often dream to pursue this passion someday but reality is different. Being on a full-time job often leaves us with only a few days per year to spend on long vacations with our near and dear ones. There are a few who find enough valid reasons to quit their full time jobs for following their passion of traveling the world but majority of us cannot do so. However, it is still possible to manage the intense desire to travel the world besides keeping a full-time job. Here is a list of all factors that one can follow to help them travel more while being employed as a permanent employee.

Prioritize travelling if you have the passion to see the world – If we want something to achieve then it is also important to work towards them with sincerity and complete dedication. The first step in fulfilling goals is first realizing about them and then drawing up plans to meet them. Once travelling is included in the priority list, it would become easier to take out time from the busy schedule to focus on meeting our priority. Some people are often ready to work extra few hours per week to get more vacation days every year. If it is a monetary need that you would need to meet to follow your dream of exploring the world then you would have to start working towards cutting down unnecessary costs to build good savings, which can be later used as a travel fund.

Use your vacation days – All permanent employees are eligible for vacation days but despite having days off as part of their compensation package, a lot of us do not make use of those paid leaves. Studies show that often full-time employees do not take vacations for professional or personal obligations. Making use of vacation days for actually going on a vacation is important to boost mental health, productivity, performance and also encourages positive behaviour at home and work.

Take weekend breaks – Plan for long weekend holidays or turn a mid-week break into a long break with just a few offs from work. The best trick is to work at the office till Friday and take evening flights on that day and book leaves till the following Sunday night to make the most of your long week for exploring a new city. You could also take just a couple of days off depending on how much is there to see in your chosen destination.

Combine business trips into vacations – When travelling to another city for work; you can take a few extra days off and extend the business trip into a leisure trip. You can also visit some other travel destination close to your city you are visiting for work and plan a trip while returning from it.

Realizing your passion for travelling while still being active in a full-time job and managing personal as well as professional obligations can be quite daunting. However, taking a few small steps can help you fulfil your dream of exploring as many places as you want. Arm yourself with smart advice and tricks above to maintain that essential balance between full-time professional role and travelling for holidays.

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