Interesting touristy things to do in Wayanad, Kerela

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Known for its backwaters, tropical vibes and lush green tea gardens, Kerala has got a lot more to offer than just Munnar and Alleppey! Want to satiate your wanderlust and try something new? Then pack your bags and head off to Wayanad. This lesser known and sparsely populated district of Kerala is nothing less than a gem! Only 261 kms away from Bengaluru, read on to know all that you can do while in Wayand:

1.       Visit Edakkal Caves: They are 1,200 m above the ocean level on Ambukutty Mala and will take around 45 mins to climb there. The climbing route is surrounded by lush greenery and on reaching top you would discover Stone Age drawings. Adventurous! isn’t it?

2.       Try local food: When in Malabar region of Kerala you cannot miss out tasting Pazham nirachathu and Malabar Biryani. Pazham nirachathu is a sweet dish prepared by stuffing coconut in Banana and fried. It is nutritious as well as delicious. Malabar Biryani is the signature dish of locals and will definitely tickle your taste buds. It has rich spices and unique aroma – a perfect meal! Another dish which you can try is kadala curry. It is spicy and easily available all over kerala and normally eaten with appam.

3.       Do Bamboo rafting: You must have experienced boat rides many times, but what’s better way to connect with nature than Bamboo rafting? Take some time out to experience old way of water transportation in Vythiri River. It has a rustic charm and gives a feel of local life. Observe the serene surroundings, absorb the calmness and take a dip in cool water- lose yourself in nature!

4.       Book a date with birds: It is easy to spot the distinctive wildlife while exploring Wayanad given its sparse population. Besides it is also home to Tholpetty Wildlife Sanctuary. You would find Flycatchers, Lorikeets, Coucals, White-cheeked Barbets, Pond Herons and many more species of birds in this district. Photography enthusiasts should not forget to charge their camera while in Wayanad!

5.        Dance under Soochipara falls: A must visit when in Wayanad, the view here is breathtaking! The water falls from Soochipara to join Chulika River. Though sometimes crowded, it is the most appealing falls in the area. Be careful while visiting this place, there are chances of slipping. Also make sure that you don’t litter around and keep the place clean.

6.       Experience local life: People here are simple and friendly. Many of them offer visitors a night stay at their house and homely hospitality. It is good option if you really want to connect with locals, explore real Wayanad and enjoy local food. But be careful and choose this option wisely!

7.       Cycle around the town: Ditch your car or private vehicle while travelling around Wayanad. Hire a bicycle and explore the mountains. Though be careful of rough path and uneven ways!

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