List of most beautiful attractions in Sweden you cannot afford to miss

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Sweden is blessed with a rich cultural heritage and also some amazingly beautiful picturesque landscapes which is why this country is in every traveler’s bucket list. From blue water lakes to lush green forests Sweden has every natural beauty that you could ever ask for in a country. So in case you are planning to visit Sweden here are a few beautiful attractions that you cannot give a miss:

1) Drottningholm Palace

This palace is UNESCO’s World Heritage site and is also a permanent home to Their Majesties the King and Queen of Sweden although the palace and the grounds are open to the public as well.

2) Gota Canal

This canal is a picturesque site and stretches almost 200 km in length with a beautiful town on its banks and waters that are dotted with boats. If you are visiting this canal, you may rent a boat and enjoy the view here.

3) ABBA- The Museum

If you are into music then you would love to visit the Swedish band Abba’s museum who delivered some of the classic hits like Dancing Queen and Mama Mia. Here the visitors get a chance to participate in an audition to become Abba’s fifth member and dance your heart on the flashing dance floors.

4) Ice hotel

The Jukkasjarvi, also famously known as the Ice hotel is entirely built from ice. The hotel is 200 km north of Arctic circle. This hotel has warm and cold hotel suites, an ice bar, ice church but also has a lot of warm cabins, restaurants and shops. If you are willing to spend a night in this hotel, you will be provided with furs and sleeping bags typically designed to keep you warm all night. The hotel also carries out various activities such as dog sledding, snowmobiling, and ice sculpting.

5) Stockholm City Hall

The 106 meters tall Stockholm City hall is one of the most famous buildings in Sweden. The very famous Nobel Prize is presented here each year. During the tour, you may also check the Blue Hall where the Nobel dinner is held and the Golden Hall which is lined by 18 million gold mosaic tiles.

6) Visby, Gotland

The place is favorite amongst visitors from all around the world. The town is home to some ruined churches and a rich history. The town is so picturesque that it is a UNESCO’s World Heritage Site.

7) Abisko National Park in Lapland

This park is 77 square kilometers in size and is widely popular for its pristine natural beauty and Nordic wildlife. The place is amazing to enjoy some winter sun and also for long summer hikes. If you are lucky you may also witness the exceptional phenomenon of Northern Lights here.

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