Planning to travel Rome? Checklist to every place to see in Rome

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Rome has all the charm to impress even the pessimistic of travellers. The city has a rich and enthralling history and serves one of the finest food. Although many prefer to travel Rome during summers but if you want to escape the large crowds winter is a great time too. Here’s a list of all the amazing things that you must check out when in Rome:

1) The Colosseum

You cannot complete your trip to Rome without paying a visit to the mighty Colosseum. The Colosseum was inaugurated in 80 A.D. with 100 days of gladiatorial combats and wild animal fights. You may want to book your tickets in advance to experience this majestic site else you will have to stand in a long queue.

2) The Trevi Fountain

The Trevi Fountain is not just a popular tourist attraction in Rome but it is also one of the most famous fountains in the world. Designed by architect Nicola Salvi in 18th century is made up of white Travertine stone. It features a marble statue of Neptune at the center.  Also, as per the legend, anyone who throws a coin in the fountain will return to Rome.

3) St. Peter’s Basilica

It is one of the holiest Catholic shrines in the world and is one of the most awe-inspiring work of renowned Renaissance artists and architects. It has a prominent position in the Vatican City and it touts to be the highest dome in the world.

4) Pantheon

Pantheon is believed to be nearly 2000 years old and is one of the best preserved ancient structure in Rome. It originally was a Roman Temple dedicated to the pagan gods and has been used as a church since the 7th century.

5) Circo Massimo

The ancient stadium was used for chariot racing and was built in the 6th century. It was one of the most important public places of Rome and was used for events like gladiator fights. Today, the place hosts large concerts and events.

6) The Spanish Steps

The Spanish steps is another popular site which is thronged by tourists. It is in a buzzing commercial centre and is an excellent example of Baroque Roman architecture. The steps look beautiful especially during the spring season because of the blooming azaleas.

7) Enjoy a Gelato at Giolitti

You may find many gelatarias in Rome but Giolitti just a few blocks from the Pantheon is the city’s best old school gelateria. The gelataria serves a lot of flavours in beautiful rainbow hues.

8) Ascend Gianicolo for breath taking view

If you want to enjoy a breath taking view of the city, climb atop to Gianicolo. You can enjoy watching Spanish steps, Palazzo Venezia and many others from here. It can be quite a hike so if you wish, you can take a car or a Vespa too. It is one of the most famous spots for Roman lovers.

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