Top 10 activities you must do when you visit Coorg

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Coorg is one of the most celebrated hill stations down south. So much so that it is regarded as the Kashmir of south India, except there is no snow on the mountains. There are plenty of activities and places where you can create memories amidst the beautiful sceneries of the town. So here is a list of top 10 activities you must do when you visit Coorg

Camp under the open sky

In a scenic open space like Coorg, camping is definitely an ideal activity to take up. The thing is that there is no better way to spend a sunny day than to pitch tent under the open sky at a beautiful location in Coorg. Some of the places where camping in Coorg can be done are near Nalaknad Palace, Votecad, Gonikoppal and near Chelavara Falls.

River Rafting

River Barapole which flows through Coorg creates a breath taking opportunity for adventure longing tourists. The river is said to harbour some challenging but fun stretches to raft through. Therefore, if you are in Coorg and adventure is your forte of having a vacation, then you should surely try river rafting in Barapole River.

Take a Jeep Safari

The 4 wheel drive safari will help you to explore the dense jungles of Western Ghats where nature has no boundaries. It is an ideal getaway exploring the exquisite nature, getting to know about its significance, the problems and conservation issues. Typically, you’ll find four ideal types of jeep safaris in Coorg which you can enjoy.

Hike and Trek

The most unique way to traverse Coorg is by trekking or hiking. Either take a popular trekking route or an offbeat hike, both the experiences offer a distinct and a surreal feeling after completion. You’ll get to explore the plush green forests of Western Ghats with the exotic locations containing hidden waterfalls, meandering river and larger than life mountains. The best treks/hikes in Coorg are: Chelavara Falls, Pushpagiri Wildlife Sanctuary, Kumar Parvatha Trek, Nishani Motte, Abbi Falls, Brahmagiri Hill Trek, Votecad,  Pushpagiri Trek

Zip- Line Across the River Valley

Zip-lining has been quite popular amidst every age group crowd in Coorg. There are many locations offering to enjoy zip-lining in Coorg. The exciting feeling of zip-lining from the beautiful mountain fronts shrouding the river valleys and dense green forests is something which cannot be described in words until you experience it.

Quad Bike on tricky paths

You can experience the fun of riding a 250cc Quad bike in a 3000m circuit off road circuit in the forest. The adventure sport can be cherished by anyone who can ride a two-wheeler. You also get the opportunity to catch a glimpse of the wild animals like forest boar, wild cats, rabbits and monkeys. The place of Chelavara offers the best location for this adventure sport in Coorg.

Experience Ayurvedic Spa

Apart from all the fun from adventure and wildlife sightseeing, you can also go for a holistic rejuvenation Ayurvedic therapy in Coorg. With a relaxing massage among the beautiful natural settings, we are confident that the hospitality industry had seen the demand of total rejuvenation beforehand. With the help of spa surrounded by the picturesque landscape of Coorg, you’ll become the best version of yourself and remember this exotic getaway for rest of your life.

Microlight Flight

It is an extra ordinary angle of seeing the city of Coorg, so if you are an adventure seeker who wants to build a breath-taking memory for your tour of Coorg then microlight flight is the sport for you. You will have the opportunity to fly at a 5,000 feet and get a bird’s eye glimpse of the beautiful city of Coorg. Best place for this activity is Chelavara.

Dubare Elephant Camp

This camp is situated on the bank of Kaveri River. Experienced zoologists and naturalists will be present there to help explain the critical aspects of Elephant species’ history, ecology and biology to the tourists. The people can observe and learn about elephants by participating in various activities like scrubbing these gentle giants.

Fishing & Angling in Kaveri River

Coorg the origin point of Kaveri and is certainly an ideal spot for fishing and angling in India. The river is the habitat to fish species like Mahaseer, Maral and Mapp. All three game fishes are valuable catches and often become the center of attention of veteran fish catchers and anglers.

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