Local cusines you can never taste without going there

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India is a diverse country with so many states with there own culture and tradition that express it best through their cuisines. Although many food joints now serve almost every state delicacy but certain foods are best enjoyed in their authentic flavours in their particular regions. So we bring to you some of the most famous and traditional dishes which you must try atleast once and we bet you’ll keep coming for more.

1) Litti Chokha

Litti Chokha is one of the most admired delicacy of Bihar. It consists of Litti which are roasted wheat balls drizzled with lots of desi ghee and stuffed with a special filling and chokha- a blend of eggplant, tomatoes, potatoes and some amazing earthy flavours of Bihar.

The Raj Street Shop in Patna near the Sanjay Gandhi Biological Centre serves authentic litti chokha and is quite famous since Aamir Khan’s sudden visit to the shop.

2) Vada Pav

The spicy zingy vada pav from Maharashtra is one of the most famous street food. If you are in Maharashtra you’d notice many people binging on this local delicacy.

A potato fritter stuffed between buns has a spicy flavour to it and is loved by many.  So if you are in Mumbai you must visit Ashok Vada Pav or Graduate Vada pav and Anand Vada Pav for the real authentic vada pav taste.

3) Dal Baati churma

Dal baati churma is one of the most famous Rajasthani dishes which consists of baked baati (wheat balls made of ghee and milk) with spicy panchmel dal which is a mixture of five nutritious lentils and sweet crumbly churma. And if you are planning to visit Jaipur, don’t give this delicacy a miss. For the best dal baati churma visit Virasat restaurant in Jaipur.

4) Doi machh

Doi machh is a famous Bengali recipe which is not just served in homes but also in Bengali weddings. The dish is loved by people of all age groups and is extremely delicious and easy to prepare. It consist of fresh fish mixed with some aromatic spices and curd. Ballygunge place in Kolkata serves the best fish if you are willing to try this delicacy.

5) Phagshapa

Phagshapa is the famous Sikkim cuisine which is inspired by the Nepalese food and the north eastern states of India. The dish is made up of dried pork fat cooked with turnips, radish and chillies. The dish is best known for its chilly and spicy flavours.

6) Hyderabadi mutton biryani

Hyderabad is known all over the world for its aromatic and tasteful biryani where the rice is slowly cooked with several spice and mutton (or chicken). Although biryani is now served by many across India but to enjoy the authentic Hyderabadi biryani you need to go to Paradise in Hyderabad which serves one of the best Biryanis ever.

Apart from Paradise, there’s café bahar, bawarchi, jewel of Nizam that are also famous for their biryani.

7) Malabari parotta

Although south India is majorly famous for its dosas, idlis and uttapams but Malabari Parotta is one of the most unique food from South. It is a flaky fluffy and crispy yet soft parantha and is a perfect accompaniment to coconut curries like Chicken chettinad and rich meaty stews. You can enjoy the best Malabari parotta in Madurai at Virudhunagar Ennai Parotta but you can try the variations in other South Indian joints as well.

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