You don’t need a Visa to visit these beautiful countries

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We all have our bucket list of travel places to explore a certain place or country which we are deeply fascinated with. Everything seems to be on the right track but then as soon as the visa process starts things get bottle necked.

Waiting in long queues with important documents at visa center and visa rejections can cause a heart break and we understand this. This is why we have come up with these beautiful countries where you don’t require visa to visit. Read to see whether your dream destination is in this list or not.


Our very own friendly neighborhood, Nepal tops the list of destinations which don’t require visa. The country sits perfectly in the lap of Himalayas and gives some of the most picturesque larger than life views of the mighty mountains.

Adrenaline junkies can go for plethora of trekking and mountain expeditions whereas people who are looking for a getaway in the mountains can book resorts and enjoy the scenic view and a beautiful weather. Nepalese rupee is weaker than INR which makes it more fun as you can experience luxuries at half the cost.


Beaches bordered by beautiful reefs and mountains throwing out picturesque gorges and waterfalls are the main selling points of a Samoan trip. Samoa offers an on-arrival permit which does not require any visa documents whatsoever.

It is bliss for nature lovers and explorers who love to admire aquatic as well as coastal wildlife. Diving or snorkeling into the famous Togitogiga Waterfall or at the Lalomanu Beach is a must do activity. While in Samoa, you can also witness the locals raising baby turtles at the Satoalepai Turtle Sanctuary in Savai’i.


If you are fond of Las Vegas then definitely you’ll love Macau. It is termed as Asia’s Las Vegas and you can go there without any visa. Go there and participate in various casino games or just experience the glam and glitter of this casino city.

Once a Portuguese colony, you can see the culmination of Portuguese and Chinese characteristics in Macau’s buildings. Taipa village, which serves the delicious egg tarts, is a place that is worth visiting to.

Cook Islands

If Snorkeling or scuba-diving are your thing then look no further beyond the Cook Island. Located in the South Pacific, it is a group of 15 islands and is spread all over the ocean having political links to New Zealand. Still the destination is visa-free for Indians.

We suggest you to visit the Aitutaki Lagoon for mesmerizing beach experience. You should also definitely visit the most famous One Foot Island. The Muri Night Market provides you with rich cultural experiences and you can taste the authentic Māori cuisine. Maori people are the indigenous inhabitants of south pacific islands.


The beautiful 333 islands of Fiji boast majestic sun-kissed beaches with golden sands and blue waters are put up in far South Pacific. Fiji is close to Australia and New Zealand, and is always on the top of every ones bucket list. During your trip to this ultimate picturesque island paradise, be sure to visit the Kula Eco Park to witness Fiji’s diverse flora and fauna wildlife. You should definitely indulge yourself in water sport activities such as snorkeling or scuba diving at Denarau Island.


An impromptu getaway with friends to this Caribbean island nation is one of the best experiences you can ever have. The fun part is that no sort of visa documentation is required. Jamaica boasts lush rainforests and reef-lined beaches which are a perfect destination for someone who wants to rest in nature’s bounty.

If you are geared up for some adventure then you can climb the Dunn’s River Falls in Ocho Rios, or trek in the Blue Mountains National Park. The place is actually famous for its unique coffee and hiking trails.

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