A vegetarian’s travel guide – what to do and what to not

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Being vegetarian while travelling is challenging as all destinations are not vegetarian friendly and one cannot simply live on a diet of potatoes and bread for an entire trip. Here is a list of what to dos and what not while travelling – being a vegetarian.

  1. Snacking- proper snacking is a must and you need to carry walnuts and almonds for a day long exploration and the energy required to do so. You can definitely indulge in the local sweets but it should be kept to a minimum.
  2. Planning- planning in advance helps in locating local food markets near your accommodation in the destination. Even if you are not able to try the restaurants, you know that you have a source of fresh fruits and vegetables to sustain you.
  3. Nutritious recipes- keep a few healthy recipes at your fingertips. Simple meals like vegetable soup, quinoa dishes are ideal for keeping healthy while tripping and when you need a break from eating out. You would just need a burner to assemble stuff and make your healthy meal.
  4. Raw vegetables- there are certain vegetables that you can eat raw as in a salad. This maximizes the nutrition and the fiber prevents you from the unnecessary calories and bloating.
  5. Learn the key phrases in local language- learn the names of a few local foods when you are travelling to countries where your language is not spoken. It would be good if you are able to say ͚no meat for me͛ and ͚I am vegetarian͛ in the local language.
  6. Explaining your food preferences- vegetarianism can be an unheard of concept in some countries/cultures. Some think that egg and chicken is included in a vegetarian diet. To prevent such confusion, it is best to explain that you want meals that do not have any meat including chicken.
  7. Local food markets- you might find the freshest of food in the local food markets. To name a few- fresh fruit shakes in Bolivia, BBQ corn on the cob in Croatia, and sweet blackberries in Vienna.
  8. Connect and communicate- there are innumerable online resources and there are many people who are vegetarians and yet are avid travellers. Make use of websites like TripAdvisor, Happy Cow, Chowhound, Eat Your World or food blogs etc for information.

Enjoying local food adds significantly to the experience – let not being vegetarian spoil the fun since options are many.

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