A vegetarian’s travel guide while touring Europe

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Travelling has always been one of the most exhilarating of experiences going beyond the boundaries of age and other factors. It is a passion for millions and if it something exotic you are looking for- then Europe is your answer. However, like all locations abroad, Europe, especially the colder regions can be a vegetarian͛s nightmare. But with veganism gaining ground, there is not much to worry.

Here are a few awesome destinations that would suite vegetarians as well:

1. Amsterdam

Historic locations are the main attractions of Amsterdam besides providing amazing dining options for vegans and vegetarians. A must visit is the De Culinaire Werkplants offering beautiful and artistic dishes. Visit the Betty’s and De Waaghals that serve lip-smacking vegetarian delicacies.

2. London

This city named the most vegetarian-friendly city of the world in 2009 by PETA. Along with the traditional British cuisine, there are ͚fusion͛ food joints that are scattered all over London. Here you will find an eclectic mix of French, Indian, Thai, Italian, and Chinese- a variety that is a dream for any vegetarian. Brighton is another vegetarian-friendly city and should not be missed.

3. Spain

This destination is exotic and with its vegetarian tapas, tourists have a number of options to select from. Barcelona should be mentioned for its caramelised carrots and fried aubergines- quite a variety for vegans.

4. Italy

Though a meat-eater͛s delight, Italy has the highest rate of vegetarianism in the EU (European Union). It has an amazing variety of fresh vegetables and exotic options appearing along with the pizzas and pastas.

5. France

The romance of France can be seen on the plate as well with its enormous variety of cheese, breads and fresh veggies. In fact it goes much beyond the bistros and brasseries and you should enjoy the Italian influences on the gnocchi and fresh pasta with pistou or tomato sauce. One of the best French restaurants is the La Zucca Magica, where children under 12 are given free food. Also try the salade de crudites – a combination of fresh vegetables.

Need not worry about what to eat – simply travel and enjoy!

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