10 best locations to go surfing for all the adrenalin junkies

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If surfing is something that always fascinates you and you want to give it a try then get ready for your new adventure because we bring to you some of the best locations in the world to learn and enjoy surfing:

1) Bali, Indonesia

With more than 100 surf sports with each its own charm, Bali tops our list for best surf destinations. So if you are a beginner, you may check out Kuta Beach, Canngu, Dreamland and Medewi and if you are a pro, try going for – Padang Padang and Uluwatu for some adventurous tides. You can plan you surf-cation trip to  Bali from May- September.

2) Maldives

Another best surfing destination in the world is Maldives. It is a surf heaven for beginners because the waves usually are from shoulder to head high. The best time to go for surfing in Maldives is from late February to mid November. The major surfing areas in Maldives are:

– North Male Atoll

– The outer Atolls

3) Thailand

Phuket in Thailand is another popular surfing destination. Also it has more than 25 beaches and also numerous surfing schools where you can learn your way to surfing. The surfing season in Phuket starts in April and ends in November. You can go to Kata Beach for some surfing lessons. This beach also hosts annual surfing competition called Phuket Surfing Contest. Other beaches to go for surfing are: Kalim Beach and Kamala Beach.

4) France

There’s more to France than just a baguette, cheese and wine. It also is one of the greatest surfing  destinations. One can enjoy surfing through out the year on the Atlantic Coast. You can enjoy some of the best waves in Brittany and Normandy.

5) Spain

Another place to enjoy surfing all round the year is Spain. Although for beginners, surfing in the summers is still better because during that time the water is warm and the waves are gentle. From September to April, the Atlantic coastline becomes a bit restless. You can also enjoy wind surfing and kite surfing in the Andalusia region in Southern Spain.

6) Portugal

If you have never tried your hands in surfing then visiting Portugal in summer is the best thing to do. June to September are great months to learn surfing. This is also the best time to do some kite surfing. Beginners can enjoy surfing at Ericeira, Lagos, Cascais and Peniche.

7) Costa Rica

Another beautiful place to enjoy surfing is Costa Rica. It has some world class waves and is home to great surf spots and many surf schools. If you are great at Surfing you can probably go to The Carribean Coast which has some of the biggest and powerful waves between December and March.

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