Adventure Activities You Shouldn’t Miss When In Thailand

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If you’re fan of adventure sports and thrill is an integral part of your life, you must plan your next holiday destination to Thailand. After all, it is every adrenaline junkie’s dream travel spot for a reason! You must already know the country for its crystal clear waters, white-sand beaches, lush green jungles and lofty mountains but it offers more than what meets the eye! From your bucket list activities like skydiving and scuba diving to much happening and out of the box ones like human sling shot and many others, Thailand has it all for all you adrenaline junkies!

Here are 7 of the best and most extreme ones that you must definitely try on your next trip to Thailand:

1. Skydiving

We have all the reasons to top the list with skydiving and once you experience it, you know you will too! Undoubtedly, there is nothing more thrilling than jumping off the plane which is 13000 ft. above sea level and there is nothing more beautiful than the view of earth while you fly freely in the blue sky! Even though the fall lasts for 60 seconds only, we bet you will feel it for eternity.

Where to do: Bangkok and Pattaya

2. Scuba Diving

Just like flying in the sky, swimming in crystal clear water among the colourful corals is also a dream come true! With an extremely diverse marine life, and high chances of whale sharks accompanying you, Thailand has to be the perfect place in the entire Southeast Asia to experience this amazing adventure.

Where to do: Koh Tao and Koh Phi Phi

3. White Water Rafting

Rafting is one hell of an experience, but ever considered rafting under high rapids of white water? It’s one like no other! There are many places in Thailand where you can gift yourself this exciting experience but make sure you know the class and level of rapids. We recommend you to choose rafting expeditions set amongst rich tropical forests, wild animals, bamboo camps, and flowing rivers.

Where to do: Pai, Chiang Mai, Chumpon and other places in Northern Thailand 

4. Rock Climbing

From beginners to hard-core rock climbing enthusiasts, Thailand has something to offer to everybody! Some places are equipped with man-made walls whereas a few islands offer the most amazing sparkling waters complemented with remarkable limestone cliffs that tower over you. You can always select whichever height is suitable for you and do it with the support of a guide or on your own!

Where to do: Province of Krabi – Ao Nang, Railey, Ton Sai

5. Exploring the Caves

Exploring the caves in Thailand isn’t as ordinary as it may sound. It is probably one of the most difficult adventures that the country offers. The caves are known for their mystery and spirituality. They’ve been constructed with rock formations which are a result of thousands of year of wear. They’re all made from natural elements like stalagmites and stalactites and also lakes and rivers. Not to forget, the high level of Carbon dioxide and extremely low temperatures also make the expedition quite dangerous. But exploring this amazing creation of nature is definitely a must!

Where to do: Chiang Dao Cave in Chiang Mai, Tham Pee Hua Toe in Krabi, Tham Mae Lana in Mae Hong Son, Tham Lot in Mae Hong Son

6. Human Slingshot

It is actually one of the craziest and offbeat activity that you can do in Thailand. It is actually the human version of the game Angry Birds where you are stretched back horizontally for about 40 metres and are then launched into the air to travel the speed of a formula one race car. If you’re in Thailand, you definitely can’t miss on this wild experience.

Where to do: Pattaya

7. Wakeboarding

Isn’t experiencing two adventure sports together a better option then doing them separately? Hell, yes! Wakeboarding, which is another thrilling activity to do in Thailand is basically a hybrid between water skiing and surfing. All you have to do is clutch a cable pulled by a speedboat and zip through the sea while splashing water all around. Now it’s up to you whether you want to take it a notch higher by including stunts over obstacles scattered around.

Where to do: Wake Park, Phuket

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