Best Himalayan treks for summers with mesmerising scenic views

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Summer is here and the temperatures are touching a new high everyday which is why most people head to hills to enjoy the pleasant weather, the lush green scenic views and a breath of fresh air. And if you are an adrenalin junkie, this is the best time to trek some of the most amazing and thrilling terrains. Here are few treks that you must take this summer to enjoy one of the most memorable experience.

Chadar Trek

Experience a mesmerizing feeling like walking on a frozen river. Challenge yourself to know this extraordinary feeling and visit the Chadar trek. The trek can last from 14-21 days and although the best time to visit is from December to February, you can have fun in summers as well. This treacherous trek is 105 km long, situated at approximately 4500 meters above the sea level is not for the faint of hearts. This trek is special because the trail which is the Zanskar River itself is completely frozen. Any adventure trekking enthusiast would love this adventure of a lifetime.

Deoriatal Trek

One of the most simple and accessible treks throughout the year, Deoriatal Trek’s summit consist of two stages which are Tungnath temple and Chandrashilla. The latter being the topmost summit is located at an altitude of 3900 meters above the sea level, this trek is a good weekend getaway and offers scenic view of the nearby Sari village. In the early morning hours you can capture the reflection of Chaukhamba and Kedar peaks onto Deoriatal.

Roopkund Trek

Certainly one of the most challenging and popular treks in India, it is for those who are adventure junkies and crave daring experiences, this difficult trek gives you an opportunity to experience the famous ‘ Mystery Lake’. A usual time frame of the trek lasts from a week to 9 days, and the most optimal time to visit is from May and October. This propensity of this trek requires you to be in optimum shape, since it is situated at a high altitude of 4,800 meters. You can choose one of the trekking routes: through Mundoli, Kathgodam or Lohjang. This glacial lake is also famed for containing skeletal remains of humans at its lake bed.

Chandratal Lake Trek

This one-kilometer long lake is a popular destination for campers, and should be visited between the months of May and October. Located in the heart of Spiti valley, this trek is situated at 4300 meters above the sea level. The one kilometer long lake is a popular tourist destination and serves as a campsite for overnight stay. The name of trek literally translates to “the lake of the moon”.  You can light up bonfires and do stargazing while listening songs and enjoying food and warm tea.

Siang Valley Trek

You can camp in dense pine forests and enjoy the scenic sunrise of this magical trail. Siang trek takes you through mesmerizing points such as Dibrugarh, Yembung, Sessen, Ponging, Marying, Milang and Peaka Modi before reaching the Siang Valley. One of the best treks to cover in Arunachal Pradesh, The 11 day trek will surely give you picturesque campsites that are worth hiking.

Dzongri Trek

It is a week long trek, which will give you an outstanding picturesque views of Mount Kanchenjunga (the 3rd highest peak in the world). Dzongri is located at 4,000 meters which makes it a moderate altitude but rough terrain trek. A tough climb even by Expert standards, this treacherous trek starts from Yuksom (a renowned basecamp for Mt. Everest climbers).

Valley of Flowers Trek

This beautiful valley is transformed into a colorful rainbow world of wild flowers such as zinnias, petunias and poppies. The name ‘Valley of Flowers’ is justified for this trek. Being a moderately challenging trek, it can take a week to cover and this 10-kilometre trail is at an altitude of 3,600 meters above sea level. The best time to visit this trek is from June to September. It is one of the most picturesque treks in India. Literally, the valley also harbors endangered species of butterflies, mountain leopard and blue sheep making it a perfect combination of flora and fauna.

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