The ultimate guide to African safaris for an adventurous experience

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Africa is a wild, uncharted, untamed beauty that has captivated the minds of countless tourists and explorers over the centuries. The land of exotic wildlife safaris and wide variety of flora and fauna, this continent is the best place for someone who is looking for an adventure of a lifetime.

For making things easier, we have come up with the ultimate guide to African safaris for an adventurous experience. This will give you a comprehensive list of activities to indulge in during your African wildlife safari.


African continent facilitates a plethora of opportunities to spend a few serene hours with fishing rod in hand. Lagoon fishing is one of the popular styles of fishing in Botswana and at camps of DumaTau where it is best to visit in the afternoon.

The Malawi shore-line has the boat based fishing on Lake Malawi which happens to be the main source of food and living culture. Danforth Lodge, which is located on the southern part of Lake Malawi, is an ideal fishing location capable of providing facilities pertaining for a days’ fishing.


Day Game Drives is the best possible way to experience the wildlife of Africa. It provides you a specially customized 9 seat, 4×4 safari vehicles (Land Rovers and Land Cruisers) guided by a local experienced guide. The special SUV enables longer distances to be covered providing maximum riding comfort giving you exquisite wildlife sceneries.

This is because of the tiered seating, which enhances your vision by giving you a raised view of the surroundings. However, the rear seats, which offer the most fantastic views, will give you bumpy rides and are known as an ‘African Massage’!

Several lodge, travel agencies and camps arrange a safari drives during the day with one in the wee morning hours and one in the afternoon extending through to dusk, typically served with a breaks for refreshments.

BIRD sighting

Malawi, Namibia, Botswana and Zimbabwe are popular bird sighting locations and give their tourists a chance to capture the views of about 600 bird species.  Zambia alone itself has almost 750 bird species in total, making it one of the best places to go for bird watching.

With its vast range of ecosystems, from deserts to tropical rain-forests, Africa is a natural habitat for a huge number of bird species. Popular African species include Pel’s fishing owl, the African skimmer, southern ground hornbill and wattled crane can be seen all over the year.


Typically, the hot air ballooning experience begins with an early morning safari transfer to the launching site of the hot air balloon, to meet your pilot and ground crew while watching them inflating the balloon.

The majestic contrast of a colourful and a serene African dawn in conjunction to the sound and view of the burners filling the envelope is simply a mind altering experience.


In Africa, one of the best cultural experiences can be gained by visiting local schools, where you’ll find children getting suddenly excited to see you leaving you with no reason but to smile and join them. If you’ll be visiting a school, try and take wrapped gifts such as pencils or notepads.

Visits to local villages, such as in the Ngronogoro Highlands as you drop down towards the Serengeti give you formal tours and you’ll be toured around by one of the head villagers who’ll be deeply proud of his village.

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