Challenges And Solutions For Problems Related To Dietary Restrictions While Traveling

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Travelling to an unknown land for an individual with dietary restriction is a tough challenge, since unfamiliar faces, foreign language and new exotic menu of meal stands out to be a tricky puzzle. But that doesn’t mean you have to keep your passion at bay and restrict yourself at home. With little research and prior planning even people with rigid diet regime can go round the world and make your travel a memorable adventure, to be cherished for lifetime. Some of those tips have been discussed below-

Prior intimation to airline authorized representative: Most of the airlines accommodate special diets, if they are intimated 24 hours in advance. So, get in touch with the representative and request a special diet and confirm the same again on the day of your travelling. If you have one or more dietary restrictions eg – gluten free diet, dairy free meals or sugar free diet, low glycemic diet, then it is better to carry your own meal and snacks from home.

Invest in a Food Allergy Translation Card: If you are travelling to a place with unfamiliar language, it is better to buy a food allergy translation card. These cards are basically offered by several companies that display your food allergens in the local language of the place of travelling. They are customized in a fashion that you can choose more than 200 allergens and are wallet-sized, so very convenient to carry. They are readily available on sites like,

Book an accommodation with kitchen: The best way is to book a guest house or a vacation hotel where you can cook on your own. This way you can stock up your ingredients can keep a strict control over your diet.

Research on restaurants: If you want to be safe, you need to do a research in advance on restaurants that cater to segments with a diet with restrictions and special needs. Get in touch with the restaurant manager or chef to address them about your special need and even opt to order a special meal of your preference. To be doubly sure visit the kitchen for any cross contamination or visit the ingredients list for a specific food item.

It is even safe to choose restaurants that buy from the local farmer and offer you meal based out of fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables.

Carry your medicines and book travel insurance: Last but not the least carry your medicine along with the prescription with a detailed history of your allergic conditions and keep it handy in your carryon. Moreover, ensure to have a travel insurance policy to cope up in case of any emergency and be well versed with the terms and conditions of the policy so that you know what needs to be done if a medical situation arises.

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