Travel back in time: must visit countries for all History buffs

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For all those who are intrigued and amazed by the ancient ruins, historical landmarks and the fascinating past of the cities, here are some of the most beautiful historical places that you definitely would love to visit as an avid history buff:

1) Paris

Paris has a rich historical sites. Some of the most famous are:

–         The Louvre : An iconic part of the Paris, the louvre dates back to 18th century and was a home to kings and queens. Today The Louvre houses more than 380,000 art pieces by the likes of Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo

–         The Catacombs: This one site is extremely fascinating for all history buffs. It is like a city settled underground of Paris and dates back to 1700s.

It contains a tunnel which has the remains of more than 6 million people with skulls and bones all over the walls

2) London, England

–         Windsor Castle: It was built in 11th century and is a home to the Royal Family.

It is a common location for their functions and weddings.

–         Stonehenge: Built between 3000 BC and 200 BC, Stonehenge is a prehistoric monument which is a major tourist attraction in London.

3) Egypt

Egypt has been a home to some of the oldest civilizations over centuries. It is a land of mystery and facts.

–         The Hanging Church: it is one of the oldest churches in Egypt which was built in 3rd or 4th centure.

–         Pyramids Of Giza: one of the most recognizable landmarks, the pyramids of Giza has awed history buffs since ages.


–         Valley of the King, Kanark Temple: It is home to many tombs and temples and is one of the biggest open air museums in the world. The wall art of the tombs and temples will leave you in awe

4) Rome, Italy

As the famous proverb goes “Rome was not built in a day” . There was years and years of hardwork where the Romans carved the city into the most beautiful fortresses, fountains and palaces.

–         Colosseum- The vintage amphitheatre was buit in 72 AD and is one of the most interesting places to visit in Rome that was once famous for games, gladiatorial combats and animal fights.

–         Trevi Fountain- The fountains is extremely famous for its artwork and is a must visit for all history buffs.

–         St. Peter’s Basilica- One of the largest churches in the world, it is located where Peter, the first Pope, was crucified and buried. Also, Michelangelo designed the dome of the church.

5) Athens, Greece

This place is one of the world’s greatest historical sites.

-Acropolis- it is one of the must visit spots in Athens and is a symbol of free-thinking, democracy and education.

– Olympia – An ancient town where the Olympic Games first began in 776 BC. The famous Olympic torch is still at Olympia

6) Berlin, Germany

Berlin holds an amazing history and here are few places that you must visit on your trip to Berin:

Judisches Museum- Learn about the Berlin’s Jewish history at this museum.

Berlin wall- Although the wall was demolished between June and Nov ’90, a restored stretch still remain.

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