Surviving Freezing Weather Conditions Like A Professional Polar Explorer

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Polar expeditions may sound too adventurous and thrilling but at the same time they are fraught with dangers. Traveling in places with freezing weather conditions can provide a completely different outdoor experience but they also require a unique set of survival skills. Staying safe, warm and comfortable during winter travel requires some knowledge about the essential tricks that can prevent winter adventures from turning into disastrous ones. Here are some tips that can help you survive freezing weather conditions like a professional polar explorer.

Regulate body temperature –   It is essential to stay warm in freezing cold climatic conditions. Hence add layers of clothing but at the same time ensure that you do not layer up so much as to cause sweating as that will eventually make you feel colder. Put on clothes as per your level of activity. For extreme polar expeditions, you can bring insulating layers of clothing and oversized expedition jackets that can keep you warm and also draw the sweat away from your body.

Stay hydrated – Drinking water in cold, freezing conditions often becomes an easily forgotten thing since we do not feel too thirsty. However, staying hydrated at all times is essential to maintain proper blood flow and high energy levels to keep us going on outdoor polar adventurous activities.

Fuel up your body with healthy food supplies – Before going on for polar expeditions, make sure you have stocked up all food supplies to last enough for your entire trip. Go for foods that require little preparation time and also recharges your batteries with their high energy content. Go for foods which would send your metabolism into action and heat up your body during the digestion process. Make healthy soups and store it into flasks to have it later through the day. Vegetable soups will provide you with much-needed warmth and soothing comfort to your body.

Having comfortable sleep – Having a good night’s sleep is also essential to stay active and full of energy for the next day. Hence, make sure you have war and comfortable bedding system that lets you have a blissful sleep. Carry sleeping pads that are made up of closed-cell foam and are also insulated and inflatable types. Such sleeping pads will not only be warm and prevent frost from penetrating inside the sleeping bags even when frost builds up inside the tent.

Learn about hypothermia and frostbites – These two are common and very dangerous medical conditions that most people on polar expeditions face. Hence it is important to first learn about their symptoms and ways to treat them effectively before taking an outdoor winter travel adventure.

Planning in advance and making all necessary preparations to withstand the cold weather and dropping temperatures can make all the difference between a fantastic trip and a miserable one.

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