Tackling Laundry Problems While Traveling

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Washing clothes while travelling is not an option. But carrying dirty clothes can be an extra load for you with a probability that your fresh clothes may also smell foul, especially if you have planned for an extended trip.

One of the situations when you are travelling for fewer days, you can do away with washing by packing extra pair with a provision of carrying your dirty clothes in a planned way. Some of these ideas of packing the dirty clothes are –

  • Carrying a laundry bag
  • Using a separate compartment for dirty clothes in the suitcase
  • Using separate plastic bags for different items.
  • Using duffel bag or packing cubes, to be more organized.
  • The other situation is when you are headed for a long trip, you are left with no other option than washing your clothes since you cannot afford to pack so many extra outfits and overpack yourself neither overload your bags with dirty clothes.
  • The alternative is to travel with easy to wash clothes made of silk, linen and other smooth wrinkle-free fabrics that can be re-used twice or thrice and then washed easily and even dries in lesser time. Some of the competent tips have been discussed below to help you with washing while travelling
  • Either you look out for hotel laundry or if it is too expensive the best alternative is Laundromat.
  • Even though Laundromat won’t cost you much, but if you want to save a few extra bucks then carry your own detergent and washing material and try this trick for washing it on your own-
  • Washing in the sink- Plug the sink mouth with stopper and soak your clothes for few minutes in warm water. All the stains will be gone within minutes and for tougher ones you have to rub the fabric with itself and if required put some detergent and rub it. Drain and rinse in the sink itself and wring the water out and dry pat the clothes against the towel. Then hang it for drying.
  • Heavy-duty Ziplock bag- This is a waterproof and airtight bag preventing the entry of germs and microorganisms and resist extreme pressure and available in different sizes. Soak the clothes inside the bag in warm water and zip the bag for at least 10 minutes. Then drain off the detergent water and rinse the clothes in the same bag with water. Then the same procedure of drying can be followed as discussed in the earlier method.

These methods are conveniently easy and no matter what, anyone can try them and easily wash their stuff while travelling rather than being a nomadic filthy traveller. Instead, they can feel fresh and enjoy their travel.

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