Taking a wine tasting trip to finest wineries without burning a hole in your pocket

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If you are a wine connoisseur and think that taking a wine tasting holiday can eat a big share into your travel funds pie then you need to ponder again. Wine tourism has started gaining popularity rapidly worldwide. Some wine-producing countries are also making due efforts to attract more tourists to taste their wines and promote their tourism industry. More and more people are also showing willingness to go the off-beaten path when it comes to traveling ad hence choosing to go for holidays to wine-tasting regions rather than ticking off the prominent tourist destinations of their list. And the best part about this is that one does not necessarily have to break their banks savings to indulge in their wine tasting trips.

There are some fine wineries that one can visit without going overboard on the cost scale. However, learning some lesser-known secrets and tricks can help one realize their dream and passion of taking on wine tours around the world’s best wine producing regions without breaking the bank.

Choose the wine tour regions wisely – Do a little research about the lesser known but still the large wineries that can be toured on a budget. Some famous wineries like Napa Valley or France or Californian coast wineries come with exorbitant wine tour fees and also double up your travel costs with their expensive hotels around them. Less-travelled wine regions do not come with high operating costs as those found in areas where wine tasting rooms are in great demand.

Plan wine tours in off-season – Avoid taking wine tours during the peak holiday seasons when the regions experience too much crowd and hotels around also put on high rates for their rooms. Once you choose a wine-region for your next trip, decide on the month which is known to be the time that most tourists avoid for wine-touring. Also, avoid going to obscure wine tasting events at the famous festivals, country fairs and other social events as they often give you a taste of low quality wines and have no time to attend for more than a few minutes.

Avoid wine tours on weekends – Visit famous wineries during the midweek rather than the busy weekends if you are looking to have a taste of some of the finest wines and learn a few things about wine industry. On weekdays, tasting room attendants would be able to dedicate more time to entertain you and answer your queries. Besides getting a taste of the finest produces, if you get lucky then you might also hear interesting anecdotes and stories behind the production of some of the best wine brands.

Engage with your tasting room attendants – People willing to learn something more than the common things about winery, wines and everything related to wine industry can engage with tasting attendants. Ask if they can show you around other wineries nearby, which may not be open to public but can have special wines in their menus for interested parties. Winery employees can be priceless resources for gathering more info about wines.

Make the most of your wine tasting tours by choosing the right winery and following the above tricks. Plan ahead and call up the winery of your choice much in advance to help them take you around the region and customize tasting as per your preferences.

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