Tips for keeping money safe while traveling abroad

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Travelling is fun, exciting and overall provides the chance of having enriching experiences, but to enjoy your trip whole heartedly, make sure that you follow all the safety guidelines in a foreign land or it may lead to misadventure. So everything needs to be planned and to avoid the worst of the situation, you need to ensure that your valuables and money are safe. So some of the handy tips have been discussed below for keeping your money safe-

Keep money in multi-stash method and in concealed pockets of your clothes: Keep money and your ATM or credit card in the back pocket; rather than front pocket as this will diminish the probability of getting pick pocketed. It is recommended to split the cash in various bags so that you have access to funds even if something gets lost or robbed. Another safe option is to keep money in concealed pockets of your vests or shirts, since it is unlikely that the muggers will pull out money out from these places, leaving you unaware.

Don’t leave your belongings unattended: Keep a good watch on your luggage, especially at public places since if it kept loose, it is likely to be stolen.

Avoid carrying too much money: Don’t carry all the money or cards together. You can withdraw from ATM or use your credit cards for bigger purchasesKeep the cards in separate places. If you are travelling with your friends or family member, divide the cash between you all so that if even you are robbed your entire money doesn’t go away. It is also safe since you will avoid taking out the entire bunch of money from your pocket for buying even the smallest thing. Flashing money in local places is like an open invitation to the thieves. Even exchanging money at streets is a bad idea since you can get ripped off easily.

Keep your emergency numbers handy: Keep a copy of the ATM and credit cards handy. If required scan them and save it in your mail id so that it can be accessed whenever required. Moreover, keep a list of all the numbers handy since if your card is stolen you can call up customer service centre and block them instantly from anywhere around the world.

Be safe while using ATM abroad: Avoid using ATM anywhere and everywhere, especially if it is in an isolated corner of the city. They are the targets of thieves. It is best to use the ATM inside the bank lobby. Moreover, cover the keypad while using the ATM or avoid using it if somebody is standing beside you.

Keep your device password protected: Whether it is your laptop or mobile phone, keep everything password protected since the muggers can get access to your financial details through your email id. It would be easier for them to tap your bank account and card through your personal data.

Finally, handle your cash with little discernment to avoid unavoidable circumstances and have a pleasant and smooth journey.

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