Tips on collecting Air Miles for saving smartly on your Flights

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Air miles are basically reward points that airline cards or some credit cards offer their customers as a part of reward program to encourage their clients to enroll them with their company. It is basically beneficial for those who fly frequently, wherein they can save money on booking flights and sometimes even reap the benefit of partially or even totally free travel. It basically depends on the scheme being offered by an airline company.

The programs have changed over time and more changes are expected over the horizon, but travellers can reap major benefits by collecting air miles in the following ways-

Enrol before you fly:

The first step is to enrol in these flyer programs since most of them are free. It is advisable to sign up for a couple of them than for numerous at a time since lesser the number easier will be it to monitor. With too many there is a risk of losing on reward points- reason being not able to keep a track of all of them and ultimately losing out the benefits.

But choose the best before you do so. There are some airlines that have their networks. You need to check on their websites since the reward points of both can be combined and redeemed while flying in any of the respective flights.

Bag a co-branded card or choose the right credit card:

There are many banks that offer co-branded airlines card that entitles you for reward points for flight travel, provided you spend a specified amount with the card within a time period, post which the benefits gets expired. They are generally affiliated with a particular airline and if you frequently travel in that airline or its partners then you have an edge. You can even opt for other credit cards that offer the benefit of rewards including the airline miles that can be redeemed in different flights during travel.

Go out to restaurants:

There are cards that give you a chance to earn points by dining out in selective restaurants. So go out for dining in the respective participating restaurants and collect points by paying through these cards.

Shop out:

Many airlines have tie-ups with several lifestyle and departmental stores. So you can en-cash the benefits of these cards and save points for future by shopping in these stores.

Finally, you can even collect extra miles by referring your friends and family members.

The bottom line is to set a target by assessing that how many points you need to earn to achieve that target. Basis your purchasing power, choose a top branded card and maximize its usage to reap all its benefits and reward points. Not to forget, pay off your bills on time while you spend. It will definitely benefit you potentially in the long run.

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