Discover the amazing beauty of Mauritius

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Have you been longing for a fun-filled vacation to an exotic destination but do not know here to go? Plan a trip to the fascinating island of Mauritius, located in the Indian Ocean, southeast of the Seychelles and east of Madagascar. The very mention of the island of Mauritius conjures up images of cobalt-blue seas, silver-sandy beaches and breathtakingly beautiful attractions. It will not be wrong to describe the most developed of the Mascarene Islands- Mauritius as a slice of paradise. The cultural diversity, unique sights, beautiful and warm people and the lovely weather enchant travelers from far and wide to come and explore the treasures all packed in this small island.

Mauritius is more than just another beach destination. It is the perfect place to visit for all those who want to unwind and enjoy the riches as bestowed upon it. Presenting a unique blend of Indian, Chinese, African, French and British influences, the multicultural island captivates enthusiastic travellers from across the globe. The rich historical background and the unique cultural mix of people are perhaps the biggest assets of Mauritius. The warmth and charm exuded by the welcoming people of this small island will want you to come back here for your holidays again and again.

History of Mauritius dates back to the 9th century when it was first discovered by Arab Sailors. However, Arabians showed no interest in settling permanently on the island. Later Portuguese sailors also came to the island but they did not settle either. Until the 16th century, Mauritius remained uninhabited and developed into of the world’s biodiversity hotspots. The Dutch then occupied the island before the French entered into Mauritius and took control of sugar plantation. It was then captured in 1810 by the British. The island soon achieved independence in 1968.

On your Mauritius travel, you can explore the natural attractions, historic sites, geographic variation and also enjoy the limitless range of fun-filled activities to unplug from the daily grind. The dazzling white sandy beaches, sand-rimmed lagoons and grand architecture makes Mauritius a paradise on earth. Add to the stunning attractions, the wide range of delectable cuisines and the infectious and cheerful spirit of the people of the island and you will soon know why vacationers come in hordes to this mesmerizing island. The hypnotic blend of natural attractions and other riches astound visitors in Mauritius.

Tranquility and warmth of the people of Mauritius make it an ideal vacation spot for all kinds of travellers, be it honeymoon couples, pleasure travellers, adventure enthusiasts, families and even backpackers. This small but stunning island nation also offers visitors a chance to have a scintillating experience of the unique and vibrant mix of cultural influences. Tour to Mauritius brings you face to face with amazing travel delights that visitors are unlikely to find anywhere in the world. The island is one of the wealthiest countries in Africa backed by its healthy economy and offering alluring business opportunities. After a visit to Mauritius, you will understand why it is called a jewel among the celebrated isles of the world.

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