Now You Can Fly From Delhi To New York At Just Rs. 13,499

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New York is the one destination in the world that every travel buff wishes to visit. Earlier, heavy pricing of tickets would make many travel enthusiasts postpone their plans for New York. But now, you can travel from Delhi to New York for just Rs. 13, 499 by Wow Air.

Wow Air is a budget carrier from Iceland that has recently announced an introductory offer to make travels from New Delhi to New York extremely cheap via Reykjavik.

This isn’t it, Wow Air has also launched few other flights from the national capital for various other destinations which are a part of its international route in North America and Europe. Though the ticket booking is open now, you can only take the journey in 2019 as the flights at this tag price from Delhi to New York will only be available after January 15th, 2019.

Airbus A330 Neo will be used by the airlines to ferry the passengers. These direct flights from New Delhi will only be flying 5 times a week.

Here are all the other important details you should know about this travel journey:

  1. Duration: This flight by Wow Air flying from Deli to New York will take about 23hours to reach the destination.
  2. Stop over: After 10.5 hours of journey from New Delhi, the flight will make a 6 hour 50 min stop over at Reykjavik’s Keflavik International Airport and resume for another 5.5 hours to complete the journey to New York.
  3. Luggage: Passengers traveling by Wow Air from New Delhi to New York at the price of Rs. 13,499 can only carry a laptop-sized bag. All the additional luggage will be charged on the basis of their weight. Those who wish to carry check-in luggage as well can buy a Wow Air Plus ticket which will cost Rs. 21,383.
  4. Flight frequency: There will be 5 direct flights from New Delhi to Keflavik airport which will connect to several destinations in both North America and Europe.
  5. Refund: No refunds are available on these tickets

Here’s how you can book the tickets:

  • Visit the official website of Wow Air.
  • Search for the above-mentioned offer.
  • Sign up to MyWow club.
  • Book your tickets now!

Don’t wait until the last minute! Book your tickets and grab this opportunity now!

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