Planning for a vacation abroad ? Here are 10 things u need to take care of

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Travelling abroad is fun and a thrilling experience. However there are certain guidelines that every tourist must understand and prepare for. This will enable them to enjoy their vacations as well as keep precautionary measures for an unknown mishap in a foreign land. Here are 10 things u need to take care of everytime you plan to take a vacation abroad.


Before going for an international vacation, you have to thoroughly check and make sure that you have acquired all the essential vaccinations and that you have cross-checked all the recommended prescriptions. Don’t forget to ask your medical insurance facilitator regarding whether your policy applies for medical emergencies in international locations. In case your policy does not cover international healthcare, you might want to add an extra room for an additional coverage such as supplemental insurance.

Always carry multiple copies of your passport

God forbid, if your passport gets lost or it is stolen, you want to ensure that you can still fly back into your country, or be able to prove your citizenship. Your passport is the only form of authentic documentation of your existence in a foreign nation. So it should be safeguarded at any cost as well as be prepared for the worst.

Keep a track of currency conversion rates

It is extremely important that you should do your conversion calculations before you travel to get a gist of what the conversion rate is to be expected.

Check with your bank whether your credit card will work on foreign destination

Almost all the European banks have transitioned completely to the more secure chip&pin payment technology. Only a few small businesses and destinations abroad are still running the outdated magnetic-stripe cards.

Do homework on events going on while you’re there.

This will help you plan your trip schedule in advance so that you’re not missing the important events happening in or around the city. Make sure you keep a tab on the local fun things like festivals, ceremonies and natural events. Also, carefully do a research on things such as important national cuisines to try. The feeling of missing the signature dish, place, and event is terrible when you come back home from a tourist destination.

Prepare guidebooks.

Guidebooks are the most essential element of any international travel destination. These books contain local maps, commonly used keywords or phrases of the local language giving you optimal communication skills, and provide you necessary details on important sites. This way you won’t feel the need to purchase the pamphlet at the site or destination. Make sure to download the local assisting apps before you travel.

Carry an extra set of emergency clothes in your carry-on bag

Always keep an extra pair of cloths in you carry-on bag. Just incase airline looses you luggage or it gets stolen or you lose it somewhere, at least you’ll have something to wear. Don’t get stranded midway feeling helpless.

Enable your phone’s International Roaming capabilities

Make sure you enable your cell phone’s international capabilities to stay connected to your family and friends at home. You can contact your service provider to take information regarding a suitable plan. This will not take any additional charges but make sure to do it at least 3 days prior to your departure.

Carry snacks for munching

Travelling abroad is no doubt very enjoyable, but sometimes high cost of food may give you a setback. Make sure you carry additional snacks for munching between the meals so that you cut down your food expenses and maximize it on other memorable activities.

Get yourself local transport passes as soon as possible

Make sure to get a local travel card as soon as you land in any foreign destination. This will help you to traverse via public transport with ease and at pocket friendly costs. Otherwise, booking a cab or any other medium can cost you a bomb and impact your cash in hand situation.

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