Why Pune is one of the best cities in India to settle

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We all wish to lead a life where we work for fixed number of hours, come back home and relax with our family members, go out on weekends on beaches or on a small mountain picnic and just unwind in the nature͛s basket. Sadly, the fast paced life of the city hasn͛t left us any choice but survive with all our might forgetting the pleasures of free time. Pune on the other hand is a class of its own. Let͛s have a look at why Pune is one of the best cities to settle in India right now.

A mountainous metro city

Apart from being a fully functional modern city, Pune is surrounded by hills which not only gives it a pleasant climate throughout the year but helps you to connect with nature, so that you can lead a good balanced life with a peace of mind.

Most youthful city of India

Pune is a very young city and has youthful crowd everywhere you go. You can feel the vibe and enthusiasm of the city as it overloaded with several college festivals promoted by students all over the year. You can also attend music festivals and the famous ganeshotsav. The popular Hangout locations such as the FC road, viman nagar, hinjewadi will make you feel like a teenager again.

Frequent weekend getaways

The place has plethora of opportunities to take advantage of weekends. Hill stations such as lonavala, khandala, mahabaleshwar are there for you to go for small treks. You can also unwind yourself on famous beaches of ganpatipule, alibaug, kashid and plenty more which are situated at just 60-150 km from Pune. The most popular tourist haven, Goa, is just one night away from Pune.

Abundance of Opportunities

Lately, Pune has gained a lot of popularity as commercial hub as there is a presence of almost all the major industrial giants as well as the small startups. With Mumbai getting overcrowded, Pune provides diversified jobs with high growth rate. People from all parts of the India have made it the next big ‘sea of opportunitiess’.

Enjoyable pace of life

Unlike Delhi, Mumbai or any other metro city, where people are running all day to catch the next local commute or getting themselves out of a traffic jam, People here have ease to work. They take out time to fulfill their commitments towards their social life, hobbies and games.

Cost effective city to live

As an expanding city, Pune has very low property rates which make it easier to own or rent a house. For a newbie, who is struggling to land a job here, the city can accommodate him/her without compromising much on the standard of living.

High Education Quality

Pune is home to some of the country͛s top Educational Institutions specializing in domains of management, engineering, commerce, etc. It therefore attracts students from all parts of the country and hence the crowd is young.

Plethora of hangout nests

Community life and hanging around with loved ones has a significant role in leading a balanced life and thus, the city is blooming with restaurant chains, malls and pubs. It would take a lifetime for someone to cover all of them. Some of the vintage restaurants are more than 20-30 years old. Burger king, good luck café and German bakery are some names which are hugely popular hangout locations

A Historical perspective

Pune is abundant with a lot of intricately crafted and built forts around itself. Fort kashid located on an island and Fort Rajgad which is at an altitude of 1400 ft. above sea level is heaven for trekkers, camping lovers and history buffs.

We think we have given you enough reasons to wander in this dreamland of best life ever. So when are you packing your bags and moving to Pune?

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