The hottest travel trends, 2018- how to make the best of your next holiday

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Travelling will never cease to fascinate mankind. What was done last year might or might not be repeated but there would definitely be a lot of changes. Here is what to expect in 2018:

Unmapped destinations- Over tourism is rampant in all the major cities worldwide and people are increasingly in search of regions and lands never travelled before. For example, instead of Barcelone, people might want to venture off to Valencia or Seville and Valencia.

Culinary destinations- This trend was there last year and promises to be even more so this year. Visiting acclaimed restaurants and taking Insta shots of food would be a rage this year. Travellers might move away from the extremely expensive ones to the more authentic food experiences. Visiting local markets, trying out the local homemade delicacies would be of great interest. There might be entire vacations planned around food, and what the destination offers in terms of culinary delight. Japan is coming up for those foodie travelers who are interested in its unique cuisine and dining experiences.

Achievement traveling- Sightseeing and ticking off countries in your bucket list is of less importance. This year it is all about achievement travel- seeking out new travel experiences for allowing travellers to achieve a goal or accomplish something that they have never ever tried doing- facing challenges of climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro or walking the Santiago de Camino.

Traveling for work- Mixing business with pleasure was quite a trend but ͚bleisure͛ in 2018 would span over longer periods of time combining work and leisure traveling. Becoming a digital nomad is the next big trend as there is access to Wi-Fi almost all over the world, advanced online communication tools and co-working spaces are making it easier to travel and work from remote locations.

Multigenerational travel- Skip generation travel that is travelling with grandparents, kids, youngsters are much in vogue. Traveling to reconnect with families and across ages is a hot trend in 2018.

Conscious travelling- Sustainable travel and ͚conscious travel͛ are the two most important points in 2018. Sustainable travel focuses on a traveler͛s carbon footprint while ͚conscious travel͛ includes being mindful of their impact on economy and other factors in the destination. Making conscious efforts to go on eco-friendly tours, buying organic produce from local markets, and spending money that would benefit the local community and economy are a few more things that would be trending in 2018.

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